Starkville, MS Community Center

This project involved an imaginary renovation of the existing Starkville Police Station/Armory Drill Hall into a Community Arts Center.

In collaboration with a fellow architect (Mitchell Hubbell) and our Building Construction counterpart (Harrison Walker), we completed a pretty in-depth project!


Below is a Site Plan, showing the front wing (kitchen, bathrooms, vertical circulation, and community spaces), the back wing (stage and aeducule), and plaza (Bio-Retention, Park seating, Pavilion, Cafe, and Parking.


A couple of Sections and Elevations…


The Front wing of the building was programmed to have Offices, 2 Community Rooms, a Large Bathroom, Serving Kitchen, and an elevator.

Below are a couple renderings we used to explain our method of denoting old and new construction. Since the current building’s material pallet was primarily wood and concrete, we decided to use metal to distinguish the new and the old. Any time we touched an old part of the building with our renovation, we would touch the wood or concrete with Steel Beams or Metal Frames.


And some of the Line Renderings we did to show our Interior and Exterior Spaces.

And some more renderings that I did after the semester was finished!

Hand Drawings

We created detailed hand sections and plans of this part of the building, These drawings are about 24×36″ in real life. My partner Mitchell decided we should use scale figures from famous Norman Rockwell paintings. See if you can find them!



The second half of the semester was spent on the back portion and outside of the building. The large drill hall was converted into an aedicule space (interior pavilion) to be used as an auditorium, gallery space, and conference area. The current parking lot was renovated and excavated to become a plaza with a pavilion and outdoor classroom.

Below are photos of my final model. The plaza was designed by yours truly. The front wing was a joint collaboration, and the interior aedicule was designed by Mitchell Hubbell.


Revit Detailing

Lastly, we spent a lot of time creating construction documents that included these beautiful sections and details that Mitchell and I worked on together.



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